DRIVE THE GLOBE | Overland Adventures designs & plans unique one off expeditions to remote areas of the world.

We are actively involved in the Overlanding & vehicle dependent adventure community. We support responsible travel, which includes conservation of the natural and cultural heritages of the places we visit.

We train, teach & consult on many adventure travel topics, including expedition preparedness, vehicle design & outfitting as well as logistical & destination planning. We believe strongly in sharing what we have learned with others.

We design, build, aquire & sell overland adventure vehicles. Our particular specialty is Unimogs, Land Rovers, military vehicles & Jeeps.


Our Mission:

Drive The Globe is an adventure travel company committed to planning and guiding unique vehicle-based expeditions throughout the world.

We Will:

Develop, plan and promote expeditions that will meet or exceed our customers expectations for cultural exploration, adventure and challenge.

At all times endeveavor to ensure our clients safety while recognizing the environmental, cultural and social aspects of the world we visit and the people we meet.

Our Beginnings

Michael Ladden & Paul Shumway founded DRIVE THE GLOBE | Overland Adventures in early 1996.

The original concept, dreamt up one late night riding in the back of an old Land Rover, was to journey overland across Africa in Vintage Land Rovers. The objective: cultural exploration and the challenge of enduring ONE LONG RIDE.

Trans-Africa Expedition Stage I was born and in early 2001 the dream was realized by 8 team members in 4 vintage vehicles. The group travelled nearly 8000 miles across the vast, desolate desert expanse of the West African Sahara & visited Dakar, Timbuktu, Benin, Togo & many more destinations along the two month expedition route.

The journey did not end there. Soon after returning from Africa, plans were underway for further adventures. Michael and Paul drew upon their vast experience traveling and arranging expeditions around the world to continue to position Drive The Globe as a unique alternative for adventure hungry travelers.


We continue to be actively involved in the overlanding community. Spare time is spent planning future adventures, getting out to explore and designing new things to make expeditions a little bit better each time.

We keep you updated via this web site & our favorite social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram & our YouTube Channel, DTG | TV.

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