Baby Camel Trophy

Pine Barrens New Jersey

New York Land Rover Club held it's first "Baby Camel Trophy" on July 24th and 25th in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. A local land owner had graciously agreed to let us utilize his 1,100 acres of woodlands for this event. The property had a variety of terrain, hills, water and sand, which made for a nice variety of obstacles. There were also a natural campsite with a stream, which we used for our base of operations.

22 Land Rovers competed in two classes, stock and modified. The competition consisted of several trials courses and other challenges. After setting up camp Saturday morning, it was off to the competition, which took most of the afternoon. When the competition was over, everyone headed back to camp to cool off in the stream, get something to eat and relax for a while.

Later, around midnight, there was a night run around the property. This run was not part of the competition, and was led by one of the local four wheelers, in a lifted VW with 44 inch tires. The run went through the woods and across some *deep* water, wich in some places went over the hood on most of the Land Rovers.

On Sunday morning, some of the wives and girlfriends went antique shopping in the land owners antique store on the edge of the property, while everyone else was free to hit the trails and explore on their own. All in all it was a good event, with a nice turnout. 

Stock Vehicle Class

(tie) First Place:  Santiago Lago 133pts

(tie) First Place:  Bruce Kinzer 133pts

(tie) Second Place:  Lisa Drahorad 130pts

(tie) Second Place:  Thomas Watson 130pts

Third Place:   Laura Lamb 119pts

Tony Adams 116pts

 Frank Sperl 102pts
 Peter Cosmides 101pts
 Manuel Vargas 89pts
 Lenny Brazzano 86pts

Modified Vehicle Class 

First Place: Michael Ladden 102pts

Second Place: Peter Goundry 98pts

Third Place: Ernie Young 96pts

Carl Davis 95pts
Chris Velardi 95pts
Kyle Van Tassel 94pts
Dennis White 93pts
Gregg Feldman 90pts
Vanessa/Marshall White 76pts

Team Spirit Award: Alan Doloboff


Pictures by Christine St. Pierre, Dennis White, Kyle Van Tassel and Axel Haakonsen. Text from The Discoweb