Nissan Armada Brings It On

Built for this yearโ€™s Overland Expo West event, the Armada Mountain Patrol appears to be outfitted with wider fenders, a lift kit, rock rails, a steel bumper and winch, off-road tires, a snorkel, auxiliary lights, and a light bar. Around back, it looks like Nissan added a steel rear bumper and winch, a spare tire, traction mats, fuel canisters, and mounts for other overland hardware. The roof also features a rack that supports a tent and awning. Actual parts and features wonโ€™t be announced until next month, but based on these renderings and sketches, the Armada Mountain Patrol is off to a good start.

Stories From Africa | Trans-Africa Overland Journey

NEW VIDEO: Unscripted Stories from our epic Trans-Africa Overland Expedition.

This video was filmed on the 17th anniversary of Vintage Rovers Across Africa, during an impromptu road trip from New England to Chicago.

Expedition leaders Michael Ladden & Paul Shumway recount a number of their favorite stories from traveling across Africa in their vintage Land Rover vehicles. Accompanying video was shot in 2001. 

Part One & Part Two.

Glickenhaus Shows Off Amphibious Boot For Transcontinental Trip

The idea of a Transcontinental expedition has been proposed before. Several years back we were involved in an idea to cross the Bering Strait via Land Rover with a modified pontoon flotation device. After testing we determined it is far easier said than done. Will this new project work? That is anyones guess, but an interesting read just the same.


Weekly Series Begins On DTG | TV

2 On Tuesday

A new weekly Segment Debuts On Our YouTube Channel

Our new series will focus on the world of overlanding. Informal, unscripted & limited to only 2 minutes we will explore overland travel, adventure destinations, vehicle outfitting, expedition gear and a whole lot more. Be sure to subscribe to our channel & look for a new video every Tuesday at 2pm EST.


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Happy New Year 2018 | New Video Posted

New Video On DTG TV!

As we close out 2017 we are experiencing a brutal sub zero cold freeze here in the North East United States. I get many questions about the Unimog, and recently a number of them have involved the cold weather and its suitability for Arctic adventures. Just how good is "that truck" in the freezing weather?  Well, to close out 2017 here is a short video that answers at least part of the question. Will it start? 

Happy New Year, all the best for 2018 and most of all we wish you safe & happy adventures!