Aquis Microfiber Adventure Towel

Aquis Microfiber Adventure Towel. Don’t Leave Home Without It.

Yes, that’s right, a towel.  It’s an item that receives little to no thought on many expeditions, however, it can provide an additional level of comfort in your travels.  My wife has had this funky hair towel for about ten or more years.  It’s an incredibly durable towel which she uses to dry her hair daily.  It’s always been right under my nose, but I never gave it much thought.  It’s extremely efficient, dries quickly for her daily use, and after more than ten years it still appears like new.  I thought that this would make a great travel towel.  After a quick search I found that indeed the company is smart enough to produce a variety of towels including a line of sport/travel towels. 

I field tested the X-Large Adventure towel over a damp four night camping weekend in New England this past month.  The X-Large turned out to be overkill, even for a big guy like myself.  Large would have been more than adequate.  Even in the damp and sometimes rainy conditions, the towel dried sufficiently and remained fresh for the four days.  It’s super absorbent, quick-drying, ultra-lightweight, durable and far more compact than a standard cotton towel.  The towel gets extremely high marks and is recommended for any journey, whether it’s four days or four months.  You’ll be glad you have a couple of these along for the hike or ride!