Arctic Solo Sail - Captain Tommy Cook

We meet a fellow adventurer in Cartwright Labrador.

Most often the best highlights of any trip are the people that you meet along the way. Our recent trip to Labrador and Newfoundland was no exception. It also seems that the farther out and stranger the place the more people that you run into with incredible stories. One such man is Tommy Cook who we met in the tiny town of Cartwright Labrador. A town that we probably would have never seen except for the fact that it happens to be where the ferry from Happy Valley Goose Bay terminates.

Tommy and our paths happened to cross on two very different adventures. He is in the middle of a solo sailing adventure that began in Minnesota in April and has brought him through the Great Lakes, up the St Lawrence and along the coast of Labrador to the sleepy town of Cartwright. From there he plans on sailing around the “top of the world” to Alaska. Best of luck Tommy, we will be watching for you.

His website can be found at