Cookin’ On The Road - Expedition Kitchen Equipment


Starting With The Basics:

This will be a series of articles on meal equipment, planning, general kitchen set up, preparation and clean up.

Meals are one of the most important aspects of all expeditions.  Long days are expected and good appetites are usually the result.  Planning is critical to determine the amount of food, the availability to purchase food during the trip, any dietary restrictions/allergies that people may have and providing a seamless flow from arrival in camp to meal time.

Equipment:  The first rule is don’t over do it.  You won’t need to bring your entire home’s kitchen with you.  Certainly the amount of equipment will vary with the number of participants, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can prepare with a few proper utensils.  I won’t go into the obvious such as, knives, openers, cups etc.  I would recommend the following (even for a group of 4-but use your judgement):

  1. Refrigerator such as an ARB (  I’d even suggest at least two for longer trips to use one as a freezer.
  2. Two Stoves with at least two burners per stove.  The fuel source is also a consideration and a dual fuel stove is recommended for those trips into areas that will not have the sources to purchase propane.  (Unless of course you bring a large propane cylinder);
  3. Two large pots with lids;
  4. Two fry pans (Non stick);
  5. Two smaller pots/pans with lids.

Don’t scrimp on quality.  You’ll find that cheap pots and pans are difficult to cook with and even more so to clean.  They won’t last the trip.