Drive The Globe: Iberia?


Portugal and Spain have always held a special place in my heart.  Having grown up in Southeastern Massachusetts, there was a strong Portuguese (specifically Azorean) influence on my childhood: bbqs were never complete without linguiça and there were more kids with the last names “Mello”, “Medeiros”, “Souza”, and so on than I can even count.  In fact, about 40% of the population of the nearest city to where I grew up claims Portuguese ancestry and has a neighborhood referred to as “Little Lisbon”. Lest I gush too much about Portugal and neglect Spain: I worked in Spain for a while in a “previous life” and several of my close friends are Spanish. On a previous DTG trip we had a bit of time to explore Andalucia and I think I speak for all involved in saying that we found it to be an incredible place. DTG’s interest in the Iberian peninsula runs deep and we’ve all expressed an interest in exploring it further…

All this got me thinking:  why not put together a “Drive the Globe: Iberia” trip?  We could follow the Camino de Santiago in Spain and check out rural areas most people skip (preferring to visit only cities like Madrid, Barcelona, etc.). We could bop around in the hills and valleys of Portugal’s Douro region and of course enjoy some local good wine in the evenings too! And the food. Ohhh the food.

We’re in the planning stages for this trip now. I’m heading to Spain on Sunday to do some scouting, primarily in the rural areas of Castilla y Leon and the aforementioned Douro region but alsoValladolidLeón, and possibly Madrid if time permits. I’ll post a few updates and teasers along the way. I can’t wait for the full trip to happen! What do you think? Any interest?

-Paul Shumway