Expedition Africa - New Series On History Channel

New Show on Sunday evening 10PM Eastern. Sounds interesting…

Four modern-day explorers head into Tanzania’s deep interior, to travel 970 miles through stunning and unforgiving African terrain. Using only a compass and basic maps, they will re-experience the spirit of a remarkable adventure in world history–American journalist Henry Morton Stanley’s perilous 19th-century journey to find Dr. David Livingstone. They will confront obstacles and dangers similar to those encountered by the great explorers before them, traveling through Africa’s varied terrains, facing danger from severe dehydration, diseases and wild animals. Conflicting egos, disorganization and personality conflicts threaten to sink the expedition before it begins: The team struggles on the first leg of their journey, traveling only 10 miles. Though very capable, the team squabbles over who is in command, and mistakes prove costly. As they understand more about the history of Stanley’s expedition our explorers begin to realize that this journey will be much harder than anticipated.