I Am Second - Wounded Hero Voyage

How about a flat bottom boat to take you to Europe? We met them in Cartwright Labrador too.

I began to think if we stayed in Cartwright Labrador for a month we might have met 20 more world explorers- go figure.  We also might have been carried away by the bugs- or at least we would have needed blood transfusions.

Ralph and Robert Brown set out from warm Tampa Florida in June and hope to reach Europe (Landstuhl Base) by way of Greenland, Iceland and London. In case you are confused, a flat bottom boat is one that does not have a cabin (for warmth) or a keel, thus it can operate in about 2 inches of water. Yes, not exactly the boat for the North Atlantic.

Ralph and Robert left Cartwright as we departed for points to the South along the Labrador coast. They had told us that they hoped to make the 600 mile crossing to Greenland in about 2 and a half days. We checked into their web site every opportunity that we could over the next several days as we continued on our trek.  In the end it took them 6 cold, wet, long days at sea, they made it with only one quart of fuel left!

Check out their web site (excellent satellite tracking and blog updates) and please donate to their cause. As I write this they are preparing for their big cross to Iceland. We are following along on their adventure and hope you do as well. Best of luck Ralph and Robert!