Innovative Hardware Item

Ok, I really like an innovative product that works.  I found one that is well designed and engineered:  The Nitize Figure 9- 

How many times do you look for an anchor or tie down point for gear or anything that needs to be held together but knots just don’t seem to do the trick.  Either they fail to really hold the item as it’s too hard to get a good tension on the rope or it becomes loose after it’s tied.  

I’ve used the large Figure 9 on several outings and and it quickly secures the load.  They’ve added a couple of new Figure 9 items such as the Carabiner that look interesting.  It takes a bit to become familiar with the Figure 9 but they have lasered the directions into the item to make it easy for us that fail to hold much in our memory.

They are inexpensive and a great item to have in your kit.  They can be found at many retailers such as REI, Campmor, Carabelas and Victorinox Stores, to name a few.