Overland Travel Site Of The Week - GoNomad.Com

GoNOMAD.Com: Great Information Source To Plan Your Next Trip! 

 (Excerpt below from their site)
GoNOMAD .com is not a travel agency - we don’t sell tours, book flights, or reserve hotel rooms. Instead, we publish great travel writing and own a fantastically cozy community cafe that brings the best people in the area together over coffee, good food and conversation.

GoNOMAD.com is a comprehensive resource center, designed to provide independent and alternative travelers with all the information and inspiration they need to plan their travels in the U.S. and abroad. We’ll point you in the right direction for any trip you want to take.

GoNOMAD is well known among tourism boards, travel writers, anyone who is well-versed in travel and wants to get the skinny on the unexplored, the unseen and the unwritten about.