Project Unimog - A Flurry Of Activity - 120 Day Update

Work is continuing at a rapid pace on the Mercedes Unimog project. The custom fabricated fuel tank is finally complete, painted and installed on the truck. In the end it hold 60 gallons of fuel- a nice upgrade over the original 22 gallon one.

Fuel Tank Installed (Click To Enlarge)

The roll cage/  brush bar has been fabricated and installed on the cab area of the truck. Final tweaks still need to be made but the first coat of POR-15 has been sprayed on it to protect from rust. The exhaust stack was also lengthened and painted to accomodate the increase in height of the rear expedition body that is being fabricated.

Roll Cage and Exhaust Stack (Click To Enlarge)

As seen from the last post, the solar panels have been tested and permanent placement on the roll cage will take place soon. The solar vent can also been seen in those photos. The cab roof was carefully cut to install that vent.

The interior of the cab has been stripped to prepare for paint, carpet and wiring and installation of all electronics. The seats have been removed to prepare for the install of the Recaros. A new base for the Recaros is currently being fabricated.

Interior Stripped Down (Click To Enlarge)

The rear expedition body is nearly complete (no photos quite yet). Frame is done, the stainless steel water tank (80 gallons) is installed and the aluminum skin and doors are being installed.

Rear View Of Roll Cage (Click To Enlarge)

Preparation for the cab painting will begin shortly and if all goes well the truck will be ready for its maiden voyage to Labrador/Newfoundland in late July. More updates shortly.