Project Unimog - Expedition Body Complete, Painting Begins

The fabrication for the Expedition rear body of our project Mercedes Unimog is complete. The photos below show the aluminum skinned steel framed unit complete with 80 gallon stainless steel water tank enclosed. We wasted no time in stripping the vehicle down from bumper to bumper to prepare for painting. The newly fabricated roll cage was removed and all gaskets, windows and lighting taken off to aid in the painting operation. Michael ladden was assisted in this weekend long project by Kevin Griggs and Karen Ladden. As is usually the case the prep work is the most time consuming and difficult part of the job. In the end, most of the rear body painting is finished. Some touch up work and pieces still need to be completed before the cab area is painted. Time and the supply of paint both ran out before completion. The following photos show the vehicle before, during and after the process.