Project Unimog - Life In The Fast Lane

Our project Expedition vehicle gets a new top speed.

The axles have been successfully swapped out underneath our project vehicle. Due to several unexpected issues, the time off the road was nearly a month. (some of the time waiting for parts from Germany) The results are in and the gear transfer was a success.

Old Top Speed: 54mph.
New Top Speed: 69mph.  (as tested by GPS)  
Old comfortable cruise speed at 1900rpm: 48mph.
New comfortable cruise speed at 1900 rpm: 62mph. 

It sure is nice driving down the highway and actually passing some people. It isn’t fast- but it sure is better than before. The other advantage that I have noticed is the usefulness of the low gears, especially third. You can actually stay in it for more than 2 seconds without having to  up-shift. The only downside is a bit of doginess on the hills- but nothing that can’t be lived with.

This upgrade probably was the most critical of all of the modifications that we will be doing.  It affords us the ability to cover a broader range of terrain while allowing us to complete the often necessary long days of on road travel. The work also gave us the opportunity to inspect and repair and upgrade the entire driveline, suspension system and steering linkages of the vehicle while we had it apart.