Project Unimog - Roll Cage and Rear Expedition Body Fabrication Begins

Metal fabrication has begun on our expedition Mercedes Unimog. The first step is fabricating the roll cage system that serves as a protection device for the vehicle occupants and a brush/bump guard to protect the bodywork of the truck in off road conditions.  In addition, work has begun fabricating the steel frame for the rear expedition body that will house all of our gear and camping supplies. This unit will also serve as the platform that supports our roof top tent system. Because all of this work is custom designed we will tack weld all pieces in place and check the functionality and the clearance of all the components before final welding and aluminum skinning of the framework. This work also involves relocating the exhaust stack.

One of the additional complications of the design involves the need to be able to easily remove the front roll cage so that the truck cab can be lifted to work on the mechanicals. Since the cab has the ability to pivot on a front access point we are designing the roll cage to do the same. We will post photos of this when we get to that stage.