Project Unimog - Work Begins On Rear Of Expedition Truck

Well, the fuel tank is now in the fabrication stage and with that process occurring at the metal shop the attention has turned back to the drawing table. Obviously the most critical part of the vehicle will be the load carrying area. This rear box will be responsible for storing all of the camping supplies, personal affects of the passengers, housing the onboard water tank, securing the cooking fuel, and will serve as the platform for the tent system. After many hours of measuring, drawing, working in photo shop, and taking account of all of the “stuff” that needs to fit together neatly we have begun the early drawing and mock up phase.

Photos below show the first tape diagram on the wall to actual size and height. We began to build the mock up on the vehicle using styrofoam. Photo three shows the freshly clean Recaro seats that will be installed in the cab soon. (Click on photos for larger image.)

Stay tuned for more updates soon as we install the new fuel tank, swap out the axles for faster ones and continue to add other expedition upgrades.