Spot - Satellite Personal Tracker - It could be a life saver.

Drive the Globe is now equipped with this handy device called Spot.  It is cheap, easy to carry and definitely a gear item that brings piece of mind to those of us that often travel out of cell range or into areas far away from civilization. Their brief overview is as follows.

Nature, solitude, and fresh air: top priorities for most campers. Now you can add “peace of mind” to that list without sacrificing your wilderness experience. Out of cell phone reach? Satellite-based Spot lets you assure folks at home that you’re OK as often as you like with a “check in” message. Friends can even track your progress, viewing your exact latitude and longitude on Google Maps in real time. Most importantly, if you have an emergency you can send a 911 signal for immediate medical help or evacuation. If you just need a hand, there’s a “ask for help” signal that alerts contacts of your choice.

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