Suggested Read: Quiet For A Tuesday

 Quiet For A Tuesday is an account of a recent trip through Algeria, filled with humour, drama and beauty… Very much a tale of adventure - all the better for being true. Tom’s writing style is understated and lyrically descriptive, using words like the tip of a watercolour brush to outline natural beauty, but pulling no punches when discussing the details and the appeal of solo deep-desert travel. If you have ever travelled overland, or wanted to… this book is an excellent catalyst… It is also a superb primer for the nuts and bolts of “serious” expedition 4X4 use - when to lock diffs, when to deflate tyres (which type, and by how much), what to pack and how to pack it, campcraft, navigation, photography… In a nutshell, a fascinating read for the armchair traveller, the desert lover or the overlander. Thought-provoking, inspiring, illustrated with wonderful photographs that achingly evoke the colours, freedom and spacious grandeur of the Sahara… ” Sam Watson, for LRO Magazine “The title of this new book belies the drama and breadth of its contents…. Your laboriously-prepared maps and satellite images are confiscated?… If you are a highly-experienced solo desert traveller called Tom Sheppard, you… make, audaciously but carefully, a re-routed 700-mile off-piste journey through one of the remotest areas of Algeria. There is suspense throughout - will he make it? - boosted by numerous flashbacks to decades of earlier adventures: broken track rod, broken bone, saviours, gunmen, robbers, clashes with authorities…. Woven into the story there is also a wealth of information on every aspect of desert travel. If you are interested in 4X4s, survival equipment, navigation, food, water and fuel consumption, tyre pressure. geology, sands and sebkhas, wadis and flood plains, fauna, flora, rock art, the beauty of the desert, you will find it all here and much else. As well as moving descriptions of the landscape, he evokes mood and atmosphere in prose which is lively and quirky with plenty of humour…. Tom’s photographs… are of breath-takingly high quality, beautifully composed and lit, and they are positioned in the text just where they should be…. When you look up for a moment from the page you are amazed to find yourself on your sofa.. (at home), and not in the heat and dust of the Sahara.”

About the Author
During TOM SHEPPARD’S career in the Royal Air Force as a pilot and test pilot he planned, led and trained teams for numerous expeditions and operations - among them the first coast-to-coast crossing of the Sahara through the Mauritanian Empty Quarter for which he received the Royal Geographical Society’s Ness Award. He has now totalled well over 100,000 overland miles on four and two wheels and has been a 4X4 owner for over 30 years. Between expeditions, he has worked for British Aerospace and been 4X4 consultant to a major international manufacturer. On this, the logistics and planning of expeditions he admits he is unlikely to ever stop learning.

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