Suggested Read - Three Cups Of Tea


Three Cups Of Tea - Greg Mortenson

Three Cups Of Tea. Does it sound like your cup of tea? I know it’s a cheap pun, but I couldn’t resist. The title of this one may mislead some, but don’t judge this book by its cover alone. I’ll leave the clichés and puns there. I highly recommend the book. The wonderful adventure that is Greg Mortenson’s life will stay with you long after you close the final page.

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:
One day in 1993, high up in the world’s most inhospitable mountains, Greg Mortenson wandered lost and alone, broken in body and spirit, after a failed attempt to climb K2, the world’s deadliest peak. When the people of an impoverished village in Pakistan’s Karakoram Himalaya took him in and nursed him back to health, Mortenson made an impulsive promise: He would return one day and build them a school. Although he was a homeless “climbing bum” living out of his aging Buick in Berkeley, California, Mortenson sold what few possessions he had to launch one of the most remarkable humanitarian campaigns of our time.” “Three Cups of Tea traces Mortenson’s decade-long odyssey to build schools, especially for girls, throughout the region that gave birth to the Taliban and sanctuary to Al Qaeda. While he wages war with the root causes of terrorism - poverty and ignorance - by providing both girls and boys with a balanced, nonextremist education. Mortenson must survive a kidnapping, fatwas issued by enraged mullahs, death threats from Americans who consider him a traitor, and wrenching separations from his family.” Today, as the director of the Central Asia Institute, Mortenson has built fifty-five schools serving Pakistan and Afghanistan’s poorest communities. And as this real-life Indiana Jones from Montana crisscrosses the Himalaya and the Hindu Kush fighting to keep these schools functioning, he provides not only hope to tens of thousands of children, but living proof that one passionately dedicated person truly can change the world.

Specially adapted and updated, see also the Three cups of Tea- Young Reader’s Edition that includes new maps, illustrations and an afterword by Greg’s twelve-year-old daughter Amira.

Have you ever visited a distant land and wished you could do something to improve the lives of the people you encountered? Do you believe that one person can make a difference in the world? Greg Mortenson will give you reason to view the world in a whole new light. He gives travel, adventure and the will of one man, new meaning. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy the adventure which continues as of this review. Be certain to check out Greg’s sites for more information as well. Happy Trails! Enjoy! and