Suggested Read: Unlikely Destinations, The Story Of Lonely Planet

Unlikely Destinations: The Story Of Lonely Planet By Tony and Maureen Wheeler.

Lonely Planet is an organization that has been a part of my travels since the beginning. My first publication was Africa On A Shoe String, which at the time we considered to be the Bible of all African guides. Even though the book was hefty it always occupied a space inside my back pack. Truthfully, we found the information in it to be accurate nearly 75% of the time, better than the nearly 0% of the time that we found with some of the other rubbish out there. In fact we used a few of the other guides as fire starters and in really tough situations even toilet paper. The Lonely Planet guides saved our butts more than a few times (and I don’t mean as toilet paper).

This is the autobiography of Tony and Maureen Wheeler. How they got started in travel guides with the publication of Across Asia on the Cheap and how it led to the current organization that has sold more than 80 million books since the start in 1973.

The book is available at many locations including Amazon.Com