The Last Piece of The Mog Returns Home Via Montreal

Spare tire left in Labrador returns home via Montreal and a midnight pickup.

Sometimes it seems like a trip never ends. After our “breakdown” in Labrador and the subsequent decision to leave the spare tire behind because of weight considerations we had to figure out a way to get a 275 pound large tire back home. As it turned out the easiest way was to have it shipped to Montreal and then pick it up- might as well make it a weekend getaway to Montreal in the process.  Things never go quite as planned though and I expected it to be waiting for me at the Hilton when I arrived. No such luck though. So at 11:30pm on a Friday night we found ourselves on the outskirts of Montreal at a freight distribution center trying to make the midnight deadline (they close for the weekend) to pick up our much sought after spare tire.

Success! With only minutes to spare after a long drive from Connecticut the tire was loaded into our Jeep Rubicon by removing the rear roof and we were on our way for a weekend in Montreal.