Update From Baie Comeau Quebec

A quick update from Baie Comeau Quebec

Murphy must be traveling with us. Certainly Mr. Weather is not.

Our satellite tracker went bonkers today and did not update our position all day. A few of you might have been tracking our trip and figured we broke down in Quebec City. Not the case. No issue with the vehicles. The weather is another story. Rain and more rain. We nixed the beautiful Camping De La Mer campground on the ocean due to rain, very high winds and temperatures in the low 50’s and stayed at the upscale Hotel Manoir. While having a lovely dinner we failed to turn off our satellite tracker which we were testing to see what was wrong, thus the multiple updates from the same location. Just for the record- the location was the bar! 

All is well. Tomorrow we battle the gravel roads on the way to Labrador.