Join Drive The Globe at Overland Expo East 2018

Overland Expo East 2018 Nov 9-11 Asheville, North Carolina

This is the premier overlanding event in the world—no other event offers the scope of classes taught by the world's leading experts, alongside a professional-level trade show that brings together in one place all the camping and vehicle and motorcycle equipment and services you need to get outfitted and get going.

This massive event is nearly sold out so don’t miss out. Be sure to stop by our Drive The Globe camp and say Hi, we would love to meet you!

This year the expo is being held at REEB Ranch just south of Asheville North Carolina. November 9-11 2018.

Michael Ladden, of Drive The Globe will be teaching the following courses at the 2018 edition of Overland Expo East:

Choosing The Right Vehicle For Your Adventure

Failure is not an option. After your personal safety the most important decision of your adventure is choosing your transport. Carrying capacity vs. maneuverability, fuel types, old vs newer design technology, gadgets or simplicity, suspension choices, trailer vs solo truck, and sleeping arrangements are just some of the considerations. Michael will provide insight into vehicle selection as it relates to your adventure and destination choice, with some emphasis on Unimogs, Land Rovers, and Jeeps that he has put into use over the past 25 years of overland trips.


Saturday November 10, 2018 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Demo Area #K17 on the map

Seminar, Planning & Logistics


FOCUS Vehicle

ADDITIONAL NOTES Seminars are open to BOTH Overland Experience and Weekend / Day Pass attendees.

Paranoid or Practical? Real-life tips for security on the Road

Learn how to deal with safety concerns, sometimes real, often imagined. There’s the bogey-man waiting to pounce in the next town, and uprisings in different parts of the world. What should we believe? This is an important roundtable discussion for travelers who might be accustomed to carrying a weapon in the U.S. but who learn this is a serious offense in other parts of the world. The panel will share tricks and tips learned on the road: arranging hidden compartments in your vehicle for storing valuables, keeping a wallet containing outdated visa cards to hand a would-be assailant, and other less-conventional ideas.

Robert and Nina Blackwell

Instructor / Presenter

Nina and Robert commenced their overlanding career in 2009-2010 with a 19 month, 60,000 mile adventure from Seattle to Dead Horse Alaska and Tuktoyaktuk Canada to Ushuaia Southern Argentina and back. In July 2012 they commenced their latest odyssey in a yellow Unimog camper that would last 5 years, cover 80,000 miles, cross two oceans and travel around the world, exploring North America, Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Europe, the Baltic, the Balkans and the UK.

MichAEl Ladden

Instructor / Presenter

Michael Ladden has explored over 50 countries on 5 continents. He founded Drive The Globe Overland Adventures in 1996 and completed a vintage Land Rover expedition across 8000 miles of the African wilderness in 2001. He has led expeditions from the Arctic Circle to the jungles of the African Congo and Timbuktu. Michael has 25 years of experience outfitting Unimogs, Land Rovers and Jeeps. When not traveling, Michael is an avid cyclist and pilot.

Sunny Eaton and Karin Balsley

Instructor / Presenter

Sunny Eaton and Karin Balsley have spent the last 3 years on the road in their Landcruiser 80 with a rooftop tent. They spent 2 years driving through Mexico and Central America. They are currently driving the United States and Canada as they prepare for South America. They have written a book called "I Can. I Will. Women Overlanding the World." Next year, they begin leading women's overlanding retreats in Costa Rica.


Saturday November 10, 2018 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Roundtable Pavilion #M17 on the map

Roundtable, Safety & Security