Overland Expo East Bound 2019


Drive The Globe will be venturing South to the Overland Expo East in Arrington Virginia. Mike & Jay will be making the trek in the Mercedes Unimog with the new (and nearly complete) overland expedition trailer in tow. Please stop by and say Hi, we would love to see you. Our camp will be located in the Featured Vehicles Section. In addition Mike will be an instructor again this year. The following is a list of his classes and panels that he will be on.

We depart on Wednesday, October 9th. Follow us on social media for live trip updates.

Choosing The Right Vehicle For Your Adventure - Friday 3pm

Failure is not an option. After your personal safety, the most important decision of your adventure is choosing your transport. Carrying capacity vs. maneuverability, fuel types, old vs newer design technology, gadgets or simplicity, suspension choices, trailer vs solo truck, and sleeping arrangements are just some of the considerations. Michael will provide insight into vehicle selection as it relates to your adventure and destination choice, with some emphasis on Unimogs, Land Rovers, and Jeeps that he has put into use over the past 25 years of overland trips.

Overland Adventure Trailers: The Good, Bad & Reality Of Pulling Your Mobile Camp - Sat 10am

Overland trailer sales have boomed over the last several years, there are countless companies & models to choose from in the rapidly expanding adventure travel market. Michael Ladden will discuss the benefits & the challenges of overlanding with a trailer in tow. In addition, he will conduct a hands on demo of his home built custom expedition trailer & review the selection of on board equipment he chose. This class is taught through the eyes of an explorer who has backpacked, roof top camped, back of the vehicle bunked & everything in between. Together we will explore the idea of overlanding the trailer way.

Panel: Overland Rigs: Buy or Build? - Fri 1pm

Suffering sticker shock, cannot find exactly what you want, or looking for realistic feedback on the pros and cons of various ways of getting your expedition rig? Come and join the panel discussion and have your questions answered by experienced builders/outfitters/DIYers.

Experts Panel: Borders, Checkpoints, and Bribes - Sat 1pm

“Gifti” is the Swahili word for that little something a checkpoint guard might suggest to quickly speed you on your way. Do you pay it, and if not, how do you avoid it without delaying your passage? We'll discuss this and other ins and outs of borders and police checkpoints.

About Michael:

Michael Ladden has explored over 50 countries on 5 continents. He founded Drive The Globe Overland Adventures in 1996 and completed a vintage Land Rover expedition across 8,000 miles of the African wilderness in 2001. He has led expeditions from the Arctic Circle to the jungles of the African Congo and Timbuktu. Michael has 25 years of experience outfitting Unimogs, Land Rovers and Jeeps. When not traveling, Michael is an avid cyclist and pilot.