Adventure Of A Lifetime In Australia

Our friends Anna & Henrik are about to leave on an epic adventure across Australia. Be sure to support them & follow along as they attempt to cover 17,000 miles across & around Australia for a year.

Outline of the adventure:

Our mission: To embrace the spirit of exploration, knowledge and adventure, in the pursuit of cultural discovery.


We are a couple of explorers who want to travel the world, meet new people and experience unique cultures. We hope to cultivate a story of adventure and exploration and inspire others to travel the world.

The plan is to circumnavigate the continent of Australia as well as traverse the interior and the Outback. Our route will cover 17,000 miles of the most unique terrain, ranging from tropical beaches and dry desert outback in a Land Rover. In what may be one of the last great expeditions of our time, we'll prove the enduring legacy of Land Rover true.

Along the way, we hope to meet the locals who call the world's most hostile country home. Through our journey write about, photograph and film our adventures and inspire others to live out their dreams.

We hope you join us in our journey of self-discovery, storytelling and photography as we embark on our expedition across Australia.

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