Old School Video | Land Rover 4X4 Weekend In Canada

Video From The Drive The Globe Archives

In May of 1999 a dozen Land Rover's from New England made their way to Ontario Canada for a weekend of off road adventure. The goal was a tough ten mile long trail through mud & remote swamp land that was further complicated by unseasonably warm weather and an epic Canadian mosquito season.

Offroad participants included members of the West Connecticut Rover Club, the Toronto Area Rover Club & the Ottawa Valley Lard Rover Club. 

Conditions were so difficult that we were forced to turn around within sight of the exit to the trail. We completed nearly 9 of the total 10 mile off road crossing.

World Land Rover Day

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Land Rover

World Land Rover Day is celebrated on April 30. To watch the broadcast and take part in the celebrations, go to www.youtube.com/landrover at 3:00PM EDT and use the hashtag #LandRover70Years

land rover 70.jpeg

The U.S. market will be celebrating World Land Rover Day at its new 12 acre headquarter campus in Mahwah, New Jersey with a gathering of people and products of historical significance for the brand in North America. Members of the winning 1993 American Camel Trophy U.S. team will be reunited with vehicles that competed in the rally that year in Malaysia. The company will also have an original 1987 North American Spec (NAS) Range Rover Classic from the first year Range Rover was sold in America, and several examples of the NAS Defender sold in America from 1992 to 1997. The day will be capped off with an award ceremony for the new Land Rover Discovery from Four Wheeler magazine. The fifth generation Discovery was recently honored by the magazine as its Four Wheeler of the Year for 2018, continuing a tradition of off-road leadership for which the Land Rover brand was built on 70 years ago.

While 2018 marks the 70th anniversary for Land Rover globally, the U.S. market celebrated the brand’s 30th anniversary in America in 2017 with record annual sales of 74,739 units, buoyed with the addition of the all-new Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Velar to the brand’s product portfolio.

Nissan Armada Brings It On

Built for this year’s Overland Expo West event, the Armada Mountain Patrol appears to be outfitted with wider fenders, a lift kit, rock rails, a steel bumper and winch, off-road tires, a snorkel, auxiliary lights, and a light bar. Around back, it looks like Nissan added a steel rear bumper and winch, a spare tire, traction mats, fuel canisters, and mounts for other overland hardware. The roof also features a rack that supports a tent and awning. Actual parts and features won’t be announced until next month, but based on these renderings and sketches, the Armada Mountain Patrol is off to a good start.