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Rovers On The Rocks

2019 Rovers on the Rocks Full Park Challenge

November 8-10

AOAA – 4100 PA-125 Coal Township, PA 17866

Rover on the Rocks has been around for 10 years but this event will be unlike any other. It is so unique we had to start a new numbering sequence.

The X1

Is a multi day event for Land Rovers held at the AOAA off road park in PA. Each participant Land Rover driver will be given a map of the Western Reserve side of AOAA’s 7500 acre property showing a specific trail route around the park. For the more tech savvy a map is available on the GPS tracking map app. Maprika. I highly recommend you get this app. It makes park it so much more enjoyable. The X1challenge map will be available soon.

Link to Apple App

Link to Goggle App

Along the route there will be hidden challenge sections.

For example: Roll to the Pin

Here’s how it works… the driver will be given a marker in the challenge that they must drive to and put the truck in neutral, attempting to coast to a full stop as close as they can to the 2nd marker in the obstacle. The person who was able to stop the closest with out going past will win that challenge and receive the maximum points.

Some additional challenges will be

Not your Mum’s Rock garden

Reverse like a Boss

As the event gets closer, we will announce all of the challenges with more detail.

The top 5 drivers will be given the opportunity to compete in a winner takes all mystery challenge behind the event tent.

Cost $48 per Land Rover and driver $21 for passengers.

What do you get for this princely sum ?

Access to participate in all of the X1 challenges Camping for 3 days Entrance to the VIP warming tent and dinner from Buddy’s Log Cabin.

Please keep in mind that you will need to also pay AOAA Park fees.

$30 a day or $45 for 2 days and $55 for 3 a day truck and driver pass.

$15 a day or $20 for 2 days and $25 for a 3 day passenger pass.

Doing some quick math …. Thats $103 for 3 nights camping, 2 days in the off road park with 100s of miles of trails AND the chance to be an Off-road Legend.


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