The following videos were either uploaded directly during the trip or have been produced from footage over the years since. Be sure to subscribe DTG | TV to get all of the latest footage of our travels.

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The Dempster

The Dempster Highway is one of the most challenging drives in the world. Temperatures regularly dip to negative 30 below. We face a mechanical issue at the Arctic Circle & a vehicle recovery in the Northwest Territory in this throw back video from our Arctic Expedition in Winter 2007.

Ice Road To Tuktoyaktuk

Driving across the Arctic Ocean in the dead of winter. A short clip of our expedition Land Rover 101 and Land Rover Discovery on the way to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territory Canada.

Arctic Circle Expedition Short Clips

The following videos were uploaded directly from the Arctic Circle Expedition via Iridium satellite telephone and land line using a Gateway P4 laptop computer and the wonders of the internet.

Photos taken with a Nikon D1X and a Canon EOS -1D. 

Video recorded digitally with Sony VideoCam.

Mar 22, 2007- Bison on the Alaska Highway

Mar 20, 2007- Neal struggling at the Sign Post Forest

Mar 17, 2007- Expedition team and kids at Tuktoyuktuk School

Mar 16, 2007- Pulling Jim's truck out of a snow bank.

Mar 16, 2007- The crew shoveling out Jim's truck after sliding off road.

Mar 14, 2007- A view from the cockpit of Mike's truck

Mar 13, 2007- View from the Snow Mobile

Mar 12, 2007- Bison spotted! Alaska Highway.

Mar 9, 2007- Disco repair, part duh?... 

Mar 21, 2007- Kim enjoying the Liard Hotsprings

Mar 17, 2007- Kids playing on the 101.

Mar 17, 2007- The group waving from the farthest point North that can be driven.

Mar 16, 2007- Approaching the Richardson Mountains at the Arctic Circle

Mar 16, 2007- Working on Mike's truck in Eagle Plains

Mar 13, 2007- Panoramic view from Mount Mackenzie

Mar 13, 2007- Helping a stranded Jeep.

Mar 12, 2007- Crossing the Yukon River Bridge

Feb 1, 2007- One month to departure! Driving conditions to expect- as seen on the Baie James Trip last year