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This is our "catch all" photo page from our many "official" & "unofficial" Drive The Globe adventures. Please be sure to visit our individual Adventure Pages for many, many more photos, videos & travel logs, as well as our Blog archives. Thank you for checking us out.

This page is updated as we find more past content or as new adventures happen.


2017: Land Rover Muddy Chef

Manchester Vermont


2017: Asia Travels 

(Including: Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand & Vietnam)

2017: Rocky Mountain Road Trip 

With Alaska


2017: British By The Sea 

Harkness Park Waterford CT

2016: Muddy Chef Challenge 5

Lime Rock Park CT


2015: Overland Expo East 2015 

Asheville NC

2015: Muddy Chef Challenge 4

The Land Rover Muddy Chef Challenge 4, Lime Rock Park.


2014: The Unimog Goes X Country 

Journey to Couch Offroad Engineering

2013: Overland Expo 2013

Mormon Lake Arizona. Vehicle photos


2013:  5400 Mile Trip In A Unimog

Road trip to the Overland Expo 2013, Mormon Lake Arizona.

2012: Havana Cuba

Going back in time


2008: Ottawa Valley Land Rover

2008 Birthday Party

2006: Vintage Rovers Across Africa 

Land Rover rebuild & restoration


2005: Across America 

in a 1964 Land Rover 109

2005: Morocco Scouting Trip 

Including; Fez, Rabat, Meknes, the Atlas Mountains, sand dunes & Casablanca


2003: Hell & Back, Florida Road

North Adams MA

2003: OVLR B-Day Party Ottawa, ON

Camping & a weekend of scenic trails. Includes roll over photos of our Land Rover 101


2002: Xtreme Campout


Western Massachusetts. Including one of our Africa overland vehicles.

2002: WCRC Harkness Weekend 

Off-road, including photos of our newly restored Land Rover 101


1999: WCRC Rover Weekend 

June 1999 at Middletown Connecticut

1999: Baby Camel Trophy 

Pine Barrens New Jersey


1998: Pownal VT Club Campout

Lime Rock Park, Salisbury CT


Some Random Pics

high resolution photos from many years of adventures

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