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2 On Tuesday | Weekly Vlog Series

Our 2 On Tuesday series focuses on the world of overlanding.

Informal, unscripted & limited to only 2 minutes (or so!) we explore overland travel, adventure destinations, vehicle outfitting, expedition gear and a whole lot more.

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Our Land Rover Series IIA goes topless for the summer!

Painting the overland expedition trailer with a HVLP paint gun.

A Welcome From Thailand.

Land Rover celebrates its 70th Anniversary.

Versatile Mercedes Unimog Cargo System.

Today we look at our Unimog overland trailer build. 

How to take your electronics overlanding.

Michael Ladden Rants for far longer than 2 minutes. 

Take The Long Way, it just might be our motto! 

Around The Sahara With Michael Palin.

Three top Overlanding events not to miss!

She can drive a Mercedes Unimog.

Road Trip!  Spiedies & Mozzarella sticks with Melba Sauce. 

This week we debut our new overland expedition Unimog trailer.

Keeping Your Battery Charged & Intro to 2 On Tuesday Vlog Series.

Building The Ultimate Overland Expedition Camp Trailer

Our quest to create the ultimate off road camp trailer for our Mercedes Unimog.  

We have lights! The Mercedes Unimog overland expedition camp trailer's exterior is now complete.

They match! The Mercedes Unimog & the new overland expedition camp trailer are a matching pair.

We build a custom overland camp trailer on a military M1102 humvee trailer.

Trans-Africa Expedition

In the Spring of 2001, DRIVE THE GLOBE | Overland Adventures completed Stage I of its Trans-Africa Expedition.

These videos features highlights of the Sahara crossing, made between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott Mauritania, a vast, desolate desert expanse where the only road is the wind swept sand dunes and hard rock strewn piste.

This nearly 250 mile journey took three days and saw temperatures climb to over 110 degrees fahrenheit. It was completed with four Land Rover expedition vehicles.


Desert Crossing Part I

Desert Crossing Part II

Unscripted Stories from our epic Tran-Africa Overland Expedition. 

Unscripted Stories from our epic Trans-Africa Overland Expedition.  Part Two.

Some Of Our Favorites

The following videos are some of our favorites from our over 20 years of adventure travel. Be sure to check out many more on our DTG | TV Channel.


A 1979 diesel Mercedes Unimog is tested in the extreme cold. Is it expedition ready? 

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland Canada. Live music featuring the ugly stick. 

How to make a Guinness Float at the Fall River Pub & Grill in Maberly Ontario. 

Our Mercedes Unimog heading out after winching vehicles stuck at the exit to Taylor Ranch.

Refueling our Vintage Land Rovers on the side of the road in 109 degree heat and dust. 

Set up & arrival day at the Overland Expo East 2017 at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

A slow lap around Lime Rock race track in our 1965 Land Rover Series IIA.

Off-roading can be combined with a vehicle based gourmet cooking challenge. 

Dennis White searches for the perfect moose photo. 

Our expedition trucks battle snow drifts and finally reach one that is insurmountable. 

On the highway with our Drive The Globe Mercedes Unimog 416 Doka. 

The edge of the Arctic & the vast wilderness along the western coast of James Bay. 

Driving across the Arctic Ocean in the dead of winter. 

Overland Expo East 2015 at Taylor Ranch in Asheville NC. 2015 was dominated by rain & mud.

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