Trans-Africa Expedition

Vintage Rovers Across Africa

In 2001, Drive The Globe completed a grueling 8000 mile overland expedition across the Western Africa Sahara Desert. This is the story of eight men and four vintage four vintage Land Rovers.

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In the Spring of 2001, DRIVE THE GLOBE | Overland Adventures completed Stage I of its Trans-Africa Expedition. These videos features highlights of the Sahara crossing, made between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott Mauritania, a vast, desolate desert expanse where the only road is the wind swept sand dunes and hard rock strewn piste. Part I & II.

Unscripted Stories from our epic Trans-Africa Overland Expedition. These videos were filmed on the 17th anniversary of Vintage Rovers Across Africa, during an impromptu road trip from New England to Chicago. Expedition leaders Michael Ladden & Paul Shumway recount a number of their favorite stories from traveling across Africa in their vintage Land Rover vehicles. Part 1 & 2.

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