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Just what is Drive The Globe?

We began in the 1990's as a group of adventure loving travelers.  Over the past 25 years we have been involved in numerous overland expeditions throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia & Europe.  In addition to organizing self drive group adventures, we have consulted & instructed on many adventure travel topics, custom designed & built overland expedition vehicles and imported vehicles for overland outfiting.

What is overland travel?

We strongly believe that overland travel is adventure based exploration. It is not about the vehicle you are driving, in fact, you might not even be driving a vehicle. Walking, cycling, train, moped, motorcycle, 4 wheeled vehicle all qualify as overland adventure transportation! Fundamentally, it is about the adventure, exploring local cultures and enriching both the travelers and those that we visit.  Overlanding to us in a nut shell means that you are in control of your journey, wherever and by whatever means of travel that you choose.

Consulting, Training, Vehicle Outfitting & Acquisition:

What services do you specialize in?

Our team has been involved in worldwide overland adventure travel for more than 25 years. We have consulted on the intricacies of foreign travel, vehicle shipping & importation, overland vehicle outfitting & design and custom builds. In addition, we have experience with vehicle acquisition, importing and sales of custom overland vehicles- with a particular specialization in Land Rover, Mercedes, Jeep & military vehicles. Contact us concerning your custom needs.

What is the best overland vehicle?

The short answer. There is no "best" vehicle.  We have many ideas surrounding this topic, but it really is very specific to what you are looking to do. It quite possibly might be the two legs you were born with. If you are really determined to travel with the four wheel variety of transport Read This. 

What are we up to?

Drive The Globe strives to continually update this web site with new content, our latest travels & other news from the world of overland adventure travel. In addition to this site, our favorite social media outlets are Instagram, Twitter & YouTube. We can be found on all of them with the handle @drivetheglobe

Michael Ladden teaches a class at Overland Expo in Asheville NC.

Michael Ladden teaches a class at Overland Expo in Asheville NC.

Travel related topics:

Arctic Circle Expedition, the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean.

Arctic Circle Expedition, the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean.

How is Drive The Globe Overland Adventures different from other travel companies?

We are a vehicle-based, self-drive adventure travel company. What does that mean? In a nutshell, we find that most foreign travel usually involves taking a bus or train somewhere, thus you end up being completely disconnected from the “getting from Point A to Point B”. On a Drive The Globe trip, you actually drive. This gives you and the group the flexibility to see, experience, touch, taste and feel far more than you would be able to with a traditional tour group. In other words, you get to experience not only the destination, but the journey as well. We provide you the opportunity to have a completely interactive and participative travel experience – this is no Disney World; it’s the real world!

I want more information about joining in on one or more of your trips. How do I get it? 

There are two easy ways to get in touch with us. First, you can drop us an e-mail: Click Here to contact us.. Please include your name, address, phone number and which trip you’re interested in. Second, you can write to us at: Drive The Globe Overland Adventures, 653 Main Street, Hampden, MA 01036 USA. Again, please include your name, address, phone number and which trip you’re interested in. 

Who goes on a Drive The Globe Overland Adventures trip? 

It really depends on the trip. We design each trip to appeal to a certain segment of the adventurous public. For example, a 2-week trip through southern Europe would likely see more families than a 2-month expedition through West Africa. While each trip is different, we’ve found that no matter the sex or age of the participants, they all share a severe case of adventuritis and wanderlust.

How long beforehand should I register and reserve my spot on a trip? 

There are a predetermined number of people that can go on each trip, therefore, the sooner you book, the better. Otherwise, you might miss out.

What about visas? 

Drive The Globe Overland Adventures takes care of all the legwork for you. We always attempt to secure as many visas as possible before we leave as to prevent delays while on the trip. This means that on trips where there are multiple visas required, you’ll need to send us your passport approximately 2 months before we leave so we can begin the visa-getting process. We always recommend that people who travel with us obtain a second, 2 year passport to: #1 have a spare in case you drop yours in a river while whitewater rafting and: #2 be sure you can travel internationally while we have your other copy.

What is included in the price of the trip? 

Generally all vehicle shipping costs, fuel, tolls, all accommodation costs (hotels in cities, campgrounds in some places, tents, etc.), two meals per day (breakfast and dinner, you pay for your own lunch), cost of visas (if necessary), entrance fees and ferries are included in the price of the trip.

What is NOT included in the price of the trip? 

Daily lunches, souvenirs and snacks as well as activities that you do in your "down time". If you have specific questions about whether something is included or not, don’t hesitate to email or ring. Our adventures are extremely customized and therefore, no two are the same.

What type of accommodations will we be staying in? 

First and foremost, where we stay hinges on your safety. Secondly, it hinges on the safety of your possessions and the vehicles. In general, this means that when we are in a city we will stay in good quality hotels because only there can you really ensure your own safety as well as the safety of vehicles parked overnight (along with all the stuff inside them). On nights in more remote areas, you’ll either stay in comfortable Maggiolina rooftop tents or high quality ground tents in either a local campground or in a group camp setting in the wilderness. In addition, depending on the trip and the location, you may have the opportunity to stay with a local family, sleep in a Bedouin tent or choose a higher quality hotel from the rest of the group. You’ll get more information in your trip-specific info-packet.

What kind of food will we be eating? 

The local cuisine, but you can be certain that you’ll eat very well and very nutritiously. (Check out some of the past trips for examples.) When camping, everyone shares in preparation and cleanup of meals, which are coordinated by the trip leaders. In preparing meals, we will take advantage of food purchased at local markets and stores as well as non-perishable items bought at the beginning of the trip. In cities where there are many dining options, you’ll be free to explore various cuisines and foods to your heart’s content, be it on your own at lunch or with the group at dinner.

I’m a vegetarian, what kind of provisions are there for me? 

Some of our group and trip leaders are vegetarian / vegan as well, so don’t worry! We just ask that you let us know any special dietary requirements at the earliest possible moment so that we can plan for the appropriate number of meat eaters and non-meat eaters. Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry!

What types of vehicles will we be using? 

Drive The Globe Overland Adventures generally requires all vehicles to be four wheel drive and specially prepared for overland travel. Most trips require that trucks are equipped with roof top tents, on board showers and refrigerators. For more specific information on vehicles please contact us.

What do I need to bring with me? 

Obviously, the climate of the area you’ll be visiting determines much of what to bring, but in general, the less stuff, the better. Guaranteed, you’ll end up bringing too much with you – it always happens. So when packing clothes, just remember that we’re not going to the moon – at least once a week, you’ll have the opportunity to wash your clothes or have them washed for you. After you’re officially on-board, you’ll receive an information packet that will include a trip-specific checklist of items you’ll need as well as suggestions for optional stuff. There are two things you must bring on every Drive The Globe Overland Adventures trip: your camera and a spirit of adventure! 

How much spending money should I bring? 

Only you can answer this question! Do you like to buy lots of souvenirs? Do you prefer a steak to a hamburger for lunch. If you’re on a budget, you can get by on $20 per day per person very, very easily. If you plan on splurging on stuff to bring home for friends and family, then bump that number up a bit (or substantially if you really want to go “all out” in the souks!)

Do I need travel and / or trip cancellation insurance? 

YES! Every trip participant is required to obtain travel and trip cancellation insurance before we leave. Such policies are generally very inexpensive and can prevent your trip from being ruined should an airline lose your luggage or you get sick in Nowhere, Mauritania. In addition, we recommend purchasing travel health insurance and, in some cases, we may require emergency evacuation insurance – which could literally save your life.

Will I get the opportunity to phone or e-mail home? 

Most countries have e-mail and international calling facilities. The routes we travel generally have access to these facilities every few days, although e-mail can be very slow and expensive in some of the smaller locales.

Do you design custom trips? 

Absolutely! If you have an idea and a group of people, give us a call. We love checking out new and different stuff!

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