The following photos were uploaded directly from the Arctic Circle Expedition via Iridium satellite telephone and land line using a Gateway P4 laptop computer and the wonders of the internet. They have been preserved here, unaltered since the expedition in 2007.

Photos were taken with a Nikon D1X and a Canon EOS -1D. 

Video recorded digitally with Sony VideoCam. 

Mar 22, 2007- South on the Alaska Highway - Watson Lake to Dawson Creek [more]

Mar 21, 2007- The Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake - Do you see your hometown anywhere? Write to us. [more]

Mar 20, 2007- South on the Dempster Highway - Inuvik to Watson Lake [more]

Mar 18, 2007- Photos from in and around Inuvik [more]

Mar 17, 2007- The ice road to Tuktoyaktuk, a village upon the Beaufort Sea. [more]

Mar 17, 2007- Dog Sledding in Inuvik, Northwest Territory [more]

Mar 17, 2007- Expedition team visits the 7th Grade at Maniglaluk School, Tuktoyaktuk. [more]

Mar 16, 2007- LRM handoff at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police office in Fort McPherson [more]

Mar 16, 2007- The Dempster Highway- Arctic Circle at last! [more]

Mar 14, 2007- Whitehorse, Yukon to Dawson City on the Klondike Highway [more]

Mar 13, 2007- Whitehorse, Yukon - A wonderland of scenery and wildlife. [more]

Mar 12, 2007- Alaska Highway - Fort Nelson to Whitehorse, Yukon. A long day of travel. [more]

Mar 11, 2007- Alaska Highway - Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson BC [more]

Mar 10, 2007- Edmonton to Dawson Creek. The group arrives and joins together. [more]

Mar 8, 2007- More photos from Eric and Neal: radiator repair, moose sighting and a weary fuel stop [more]

Mar 4, 2007- Neal and Eric prepare to leave Virginia for their long drive to Edmonton. [more]

Feb 24, 2007- Loading the trucks at MacKinnon Transport for shipment to Edmonton. [more]

Feb 1, 2007- Truck preparation in Connecticut. [more]