Drive The Globe is an adventure travel company committed to planning and guiding unique vehicle-based expeditions throughout the world.


Develop, plan and promote expeditions that will meet or exceed our customers expectations for cultural exploration, adventure and challenge.

At all times endeveavor to ensure our clients safety while recognizing the environmental, cultural and social aspects of the world we visit and the people we meet.

So What The Heck Does Our Mission Statement Mean?

Drive The Globe | Overland Adventures was incorporated as an adventure travel tour operator in 1999. The roots of the company, though, can be traced back to our severe cases of wanderlust (between the founders, we have experience in more than 100 countries and all 50 U.S. states) and our desire to share our enthusiasm for self-drive adventure travel with anyone who’s adventurous (and crazy!) enough to follow.

Okay, so what is “self-drive adventure travel”? First, all of our tours and trips are vehicle-based and are in groups / convoys. This means that you, as a participant, won’t be stuck in an uncomfortable bus or train seat waiting out the uncomfortable journey to the next destination where you’ll check into some nondescript hotel, eat unremarkable meals and then have to come home and pretend that you had a great time “experiencing” another culture. Rather, a Drive The Globe | Overland Adventures tour is an interactive experience where you’ll be driving a vehicle in a convoy, enjoying and experiencing the journey as well as the destinations you visit. How many times have you been on a train in a foreign country and said, “Gosh, I wish we could stop here!” That’s the difference! On a Drive The Globe | Overland Adventures trip, you can! In addition, driving in a convoy of smaller vehicles allows us to get off the beaten track and away from areas “that everyone’s been to.”

Secondly, we are not a bare bones tour operator, specializing in staying at $2-a-night hotels or spending every night, rain or shine in a small tent. Neither are we a “cost-is-no-object” champagne tour operator where you’ll stay at a western-style resort every time you stop and have all your meals prepared for you by a travelling kitchen. We describe ourselves as somewhere in the middle. Some nights you sleep in comfortable roof top tents and help prepare meals for the whole group. Other nights, you’ll be staying in the nicest hotel in a given city, enjoying excellent meals prepared by trained chefs. Lunches vary from terrace restaurants in Marrakech to street vendors selling chwarma in Fez. We strive to strike a balance between comfort, culture, experience and expense and enable you to have an adventure you’ll never forget.

Third, our tours are “interactive”. Some days, you’ll drive. Some nights, you’ll help prepare dinner. Other nights, you’ll help set up camp. And yes, some nights you’ll even have to help with the dishes. To us, adventure travel is about the experience — and what better way to truly experience something, than to be physically, mentally and emotionally involved!

Finally, we visit extremely cool places and do extremely cool stuff! Like what? Like hiking along the Falaise de Bandigara in Mali and sleeping on the roof of a Dogon family’s mud brick house. Like taking a camel ride into the deserts of southern Morocco. Like surfing in Mauritania and camping out on the beach, eating fish that some member of the group has caught for dinner. Do these things sound like fun to you? They do to us!

So what is Drive The Globe | Overland Adventures about? We’re about having an amazing experience and doing really fun stuff in incredible locations with cool people. To us, that’s what travelling is all about.

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