Arctic Circle Expedition : March 10, 2007

Saskatoon To Edmonton




Mar 9, 2007 – Saskatoon to Edmonton


As the night progressed we found it even more frustrating to find gas.  The whole time we drove we had cell service but limited fuel stations.  Cell service did allow us to get in touch with the group.  We gave them an update letting them know we would not be in until Friday morning.  


The most excitement we had during this portion of the trip was hitting two pot holes one after the other and feeling like the truck was going to flip. The bounce was hard enough to rattle the jerry cans on the roof rack.


Eric drove until about 12:00 and I took over for about an hour.  It was my nightly search for bunking.  We found a holiday inn express to bunk down at.  The actual time was lost to us.  Time zones, long days in the car, fuel stops had taken their toll.  We guestimated we had been driving for about 19 hours.  Using my priority club rewards status, Eric got the honeymoon suite and I got a standard suite.  Frankly I think Eric would have married the bed as tired as he was.


Day 5 - Hopefully the last day of marathon driving.


Awakening at 6:00 it was apparent the road had taken its toll on me.  Circles under my eyes, stomach cramps and general tiredness were upon me.  Expecting the worst I took my glucose level only to be surprised it was 130 - close to normal.


Eric called and said he was in the lobby.  I finished getting dressed and went down to meet him.  Cool, Eric had started the truck and we were off to a warm morning in the truck as the outside temperature was 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  


Moving along we did come across a town called Lloydminster.  A great chuckle for the morning for those of you who know our mutual friend Lloyd.  There was even a Lloyd mall.


We cruised along to Edmonton without any further issues and arrived at 11:15.  Neal made a mistake on the routing and navigated us to city center instead of the Pennzoil shop.  We started to head out of town and got a call from the group.  They were about 15 miles ahead of us.