Travel Logs

The following travel logs were uploaded directly from the Arctic Circle Expedition via Iridium satellite telephone and land line using a Gateway P4 laptop computer and the wonders of the internet.

Photos taken with a Nikon D1X and a Canon EOS -1D. 

Video recorded digitally with Sony VideoCam.

Mar 22, 2007- Visiting the Sign Post Forest, Liard hotsprings and arriving back in Dawson Creek [more]

Mar 20, 2007- Free of the Arctic Circle- Marathon driving puts team back on schedule [more]

Mar 18, 2007- Expedition stranded North of the Arctic Circle [more]

Mar 17, 2007- Dog sledding in Inuvik [more]

Mar 17, 2007- Group reaches farthest point North by road. [more]

Mar 17, 2007- Time spent at a school in Tuktoyuktuk. [more]

Mar 16, 2007- Expedition team reaches Fort McPherson and visits the RCMP [more]

Mar 16, 2007- Group crosses the Arctic Circle! After two day Dempster Highway battle we reach Inuvik. [more]

Mar 14, 2007- Up the Klondike Highway to Dawson City and closer to the Arctic Circle. [more]

Mar 13, 2007- A day in Whitehorse, Yukon. [more]

Mar 12, 2007- The longest road. Alaska Highway to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory [more]

Mar 11, 2007- Alaska Highway, Mike's Truck heads for the shop, Meeting another adventurer. [more]

Mar 10, 2007- The group unites - Edmonton To Dawson Creek [more]

Mar 10, 2007- Saskatoon to Edmonton - Eric and Neal's Excellent Adventure continues... [more]

Mar 9, 2007- Eric and Neal update from the road. We are starting to feel sorry for them.... [more]

Mar 9, 2007- Group arrives in Edmonton, Neal and Eric arrive in Saskatoon. [more]

Mar 7, 2007- Eric and Neal blow a head gasket, turns into Cannonball Run to Edmonton [more]

Feb 1, 2007- One month to departure! Team prepares to ship vehicles. [more]