Arctic Circle Expedition : March 14, 2007

Klondike Highway to Dawson City




Mar 13 - Dawson City, Yukon


Average temperatures are now remaining well below 0F and there is considerable windchill.  


Anticipating a treacherous drive on the Klondike highway, (and even worse beyond Dawson) we left Whitehorse well before dawn.  The highway is less maintained than the Alaskan Highway and weather conditions can change on a dime.   There was little traffic on the road – a few pick-up trucks and about a half dozen oversized tractor trailers hauling fuel and supplies.  The narrow road and icy conditions made sharing the road a near heart-stopping experience.  


We arrived without incident in Dawson and settled down for what we hope is an early evening.  We need to be well rested for tomorrow’s long haul up the Dempster Highway, across the Arctic Circle to Inuvik, Northwest Territory.  Another early morning in Canada’s far north.