Arctic Circle Expedition : March 17, 2007

Tuktoyuktuk school visit


Upon our arrival in Tuktoyaktuk we checked in with the local school for our “Introduction to Tuk” presentation from Miss Kelly Johnson’s 7th grade class. The power point presentation was extremely informative about the lifestyle of the local people. We also learned all about the flora and fauna around Tuk. 


Our expedition team asked the class to identify our homes on a world map, a great moment for both the children and ourselves.  Our group gave the class T-shirts and sweatshirts from our lead sponsor CSI Surplus, pencils, rulers, and activity books from the Ontario government (Kim’s employer), and Flat Stanley (part of a project at the Ypsolon school system in Michigan, USA). Emails were exchanged so that Eric’s daughter’s 4th grade class in Virginia can begin a pen-pal program. After a few group pictures and a short video, we asked them to come outside and inspect our Land Rovers. 


We finished up after half an hour of the students climbing in and out of our vehicles, and many pictures. When we parted ways, everyone had smiles on their faces. Was it our “cool” rides, or just the fun they had talking on the CB radios with each other?